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Our unique ecosystem allows people to conduct property transactions in our Letsy token.

Letsy ICO launch 31st May 2019

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What is NetLetsy?

NetLetsy is an innovative property listing service- an online platform for estate agents, landlords and tenants who want to transact in Letsy.

  • Pay up to 100% in our cryptocurrency, Letsy
  • Stay from 1 day to 1 year (or longer if you want)
  • Save £1,500 on the average rental by using NetLetsy Plus
  • No commission,
    no payment charges,
    no hassle
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What is Letsy?

Letsy is an ERC20 utility token designed for exchange on Netletsy. Tenants can use Letsy as a means of direct payment for property rental, creating faster, cheaper, and more secure property payments.

  • Real life cryptocurrency use

    Letsy moves cryptocurrency beyond trading platforms and into everyday life. It can be used to pay for everything from a short stay to a long term rental.

  • Reduced rental transaction cost

    Say goodbye to card payment fees, bank charges for foreign currency conversion, and overseas payments. Letsy is a global currency without the fees.

  • Quicker transactions

    Instant Letsy payments are visible to everyone in the transaction 24/7. Why wait for next day banking transfers, weekend payment delays, and bank clearance times?

How does it work?

  1. 1.

    You have Letsy in your electronic wallet. You want to send Letsy to your landlord’s wallet

  2. 2.

    You need to know how much you are sending, and the electronic wallet address you are sending it to.

  3. 3.

    A tiny automated transaction fee is paid in Ethereum to the “miners” who are processing your transaction.

  4. 4.

    The payment value and status is visible to everyone on the blockchain, and both sides will be able to see the Letsy.

    Only your wallet address is public, so your details remain private.


The Letsy ICO will go live in Q2 2019 and last until all ICO allocated tokens are sold, or 4 months after the start date, whichever is first. Tokens will be issued at purchase.

Token Price £0.08

Token Quantity Pound
1 0.08 0.09 0.10 0.00050 0.00001
1,000 80 88 98 0.50473 0.00963
10,000 776 858 951 4.89590 0.09341
100,000 7,600 8,400 9,311 47.94954 0.91489
1,000,000 72,000 79,579 88,206 454.25880 8.66736

Token volume discount

10,000 3%

100,000 5%

1,000,000 10%

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Our Roadmap sets out an ambitious plan to make property transactions in Letsy a common occurrence in multiple countries.

We are aiming for the following, by the end of 2020:

  1. Q4.


  2. 1.

    Private sales

    25m tokens available for private purchase at £0.08 equivalent per token

  3. 2.


    270m tokens available for public purchase at £0.08 equivalent per token

  4. 3.

    Property site launched

    Netletsy property search website launched and listings available

  5. 4.

    Property sales functionality launched

    In addition to property rentals, properties may be listed for sale

  6. 5.

    Letsy listed on exchanges

    Letsy will list on cryptocurrency exchanges to enable non-ICO participants to access Letsy tokens

  7. 6.

    Legal paperwork feature extended

    Legal documentation feature updated based countries listing on NetLetsy

  8. Q4.


  9. 7.

    Mobile app creation

    Search for properties on the go and access Letsy wallets directly

  10. 8.

    Direct Letsy to fiat conversion enabled

    Buy/ sell Letsy via NetLetsy without the need to use cryptocurrency exchanges

  11. 9.

    Ancillary Property services added

    Services such as arranging end of tenancy cleaning, home maintenance and repairs, property sitting

  12. Q4.



Let us answer some of your questions

Cryptocurrency can have volatile price movements. What happens if the value of Letsy changes during a rental agreement?

It seems easy to buy Letsy, but how do I change Letsy back into fiat currency if I need to?

Why isn’t Letsy listed on an exchange now?

I’m not sure about Letsy or cryptocurrency, it seems risky, should I just leave it?

Do i have to accept/pay all the rental in Letsy?

Can estate agents use NetLetsy?

I heard setting up a cryptocurrency is easy, why should I use Letsy?

Is now the right time to get involved in cryptocurrency?

Why don’t you allow people to list in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

What about deposits?

Are you looking at providing paperwork and ancillary services such as inventories and cleaning services?

Will this save me from paying tax?

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Our Team

Our team is comprised of experts from many fields. Their commercial background is our strength. We are a commercial enterprise that enables cryptocurrency, rather than a cryptocurrency enterprise.

We place a strong emphasis upon complying with legal and taxation requirements. This foundation enables us to leverage our marketing expertise and create a unique opportunity for mass cryptocurrency adoption by making our NetLetsy ecosystem sustainable.

Tom Davey

Tom Davey


Daniel Arlington

Daniel Arlington

Finance Director

Igor Yatsyshyn

Igor Yatsyshyn

Legal Director

Yen Tsang

Yen Tsang


Niels Meijer

Niels Meijer

Product Development

Phil Smith

Phil Smith

Backend Developer

Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans

Lead Frontend Designer

Hugo Timmerman

Hugo Timmerman


Myles Patterson

Myles Patterson

Marketing Manager

Lucas Wilson

Lucas Wilson

ICO Advisor

Jordan Willis

Jordan Willis

Business Development

Hugh Rayner

Hugh Rayner

Property Developer

Mihir Magudia

Mihir Magudia

Head of External Affairs

Justin Shelton

Justin Shelton

Head of Operations- US

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